Information note

Things you need to know about your informed consent to an online medical consultation.

Before beginning an online medical consultation, please read the following:

1) What is an online medical consultation?

Online medical consultation: a medical consultation done from a distance with a GP or specialist via a secure online platform.

The consultation can give way to a diagnosis or a prescription. In order to benefit, you must prove your identity. If not, the doctor is limited in the response they can give.

For more information, please read: How do I upload my ID?

2) For what reasons can I use MédecinDirect

The doctors can answer some or all of your medical questions. For example, the doctors can help you:

  • Better understand your symptoms
  • Interpret and explain test results
  • Prepare for your future physical consultations
  • Prepare the questions you should ask your doctor
  • Understand a diagnosis or treatment
  • Be reassured by looking over your medical case

Make sure to inform your regular physician of the exchanges you have had with the doctors of this platform. We suggest you communicate all exchanges you have had with your regular physician.

3) What is the wait time?

The doctors are organised like in a medical center. An on-call GP will receive your request and will either respond or transfer your request to a specialist. To learn more, please read: What is the wait time?

4) What is required to guarantee an online consultation of the highest quality?

a) Provide a maximum of medical information

The doctors on this platform are not your regular doctors, we don’t know you! When you first connect to the platform, you must fill out your medical information. Provide your medical history, a list of previous surgical procedures, allergies and treatments.

b) With the greatest amount of detail, explain why you are consulting

  • Detail all of your symptoms
  • Add attachments of test results

c) The presence of the patient is required

  • If the doctor can not exchange with the patient (except for children) you should not request an online medical consultation. You can not consult for someone else.
  • Adults (your spouse or children over the age of 18) must create their own account to consult.

d) Prove your identity

Please see: How do I upload my ID?

e) To renew a prescription

  • The doctor will send a prescription only if they think they have a sufficient amount of clinical information
  • For a renewal, the doctors can provide a temporary prescription for 1 month, the time it takes for you to see your regular doctor. You must send a copy of the original prescription as an attachment.
  • Some medications can’t be prescribed online, please read: What prescriptions are not allowed?

5) About MédecinDirect

Please see: Legal information

6) Who are the beneficiaries?

If you are affiliated with one of our insurance or complementary health partners, you can benefit from the service at no cost.

7) In case of emergency?


  • MédecinDirect is not an emergency service. The response time is not compatible with an emergency. If you think you have an emergency, contact your regular doctor or the emergency services in your area.
  • If you want to consult for someone else, but they are not responding, it’s an emergency! Call the emergency services in your area.

8) For more information, please refer to…

For help, contact or call us at: +33 (0)9 74 59 51 10

9) Is my personal health information safe?

Please read: Is my personal information safe?

10) Rules of conduct

Like other websites, rules of conduct must be respected. Our doctors are trained in this sense. Insults or hate language are not allowed. If you are not satisfied, let us know if the satisfaction survey that you will receive at the end of your consultation.